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Let us help you release your inner creativity. Kept Creations offers digital papers, printable cards, stationery, papers, journals, and more. It’s time to create something beautiful.

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We help you create stories and live life.

Kept Creations is your one-stop-shop for all things to get you started on your crafting projects and creative outlets.

I know how hard it can be just to get started when you have a creative bone that needs to be scratched, but no idea where to start.

I bring you printable project starters and supplies to get you inspired and engaged and then you make it your own!

No more sitting for hours with creative energy burning through you and no way to get it out, just click through project pieces I have here on the site and choose what speaks to you, order the supplies all in one place, print, and start creating. 

Crafting is an outlet

It’s a way to get your ideas and feelings out into the world for your own purposes or to bless others.

This can be a way of working through feelings and emotions that sometimes are hard to express, or just allow yourself to put something new and unique out into the world.

Whether that comes through journal pages, scrapbooks with memories and ideas, calendars, or other paper projects that we haven’t even thought up yet, everything you need is here in one place. 

Need some crafty inspiration? Let us help teach and inspire you to create something beautiful every week.

Stay tuned for upcoming classes and projects that you can do with me to help you learn new skills and techniques to help you build your crafting and creative tool belt.

I am always coming up with new ways of presenting projects to help you be inspired to get your projects started and completed without the stress of having to go to multiple craft stores that have all the same things in them and never enough variety.

Getting printables and supplies in one place to work on your projects saves you time and money as well as frustration and stress. You want to get crafting, you don’t want to spend all day filling up carts with random things that won’t actually help you and will stack up in a craft room collecting dust. 

Let us help you create.

I add new products and projects all the time, so check back often to find new inspiration and tools to help you meet every crafting need you have.

I look forward to seeing you around and seeing all the beautiful creations you come up with using these pieces of art and tools of creativity to expand your horizons and put your creativity out into the world. 

With almost 20 years of experience teaching crafts, Kim offers a wide variety of skills YOU can take advantage of. Have a question about a particular craft or technique? Let us know at

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