Spring is on it’s way…

We are getting to the end of March here in New England.  And for me, that means we are starting to see some signs of greenery and life.

My daffodils and crocus’ are already blooming.  We cleaned out the front garden beds in an effort to get rid of the prickly briar bushes we have.  And next weekend, we’ll start cleaning up the raised garden beds.  We are hoping to add to them this year too. I love to grow fresh veggies and love being able to just walk outside and grab something for dinner.

Plant Sale Season

Years ago, my Mom and I used to go out to all the local garden sales.  These are typically held in late April through early June.  Although there used to be  a really awesome one July 4th weekend but I think the ‘vid’ may have scrapped that.  

Last year we went out and attended a few in the area.  We went two Saturday’s in a row.  Mid-May.  It was wonderful.  I was able to buy perennials AND some seedling vegetables.  This year I plan to be a little more adventurous and a little more strategic.  I noticed last year we had a lot of tomatoes which didn’t offer a lot of room for other varieties of salad snacks. This year, I’m going to be much more selective.

In an effort to keep my purchases to what I need and where I’m going to put them, I put together a garden planner. In this planner, I created:

  • A section for different times of the year. 
  • A grid for where I’m going to plant. 
  • A section on what to plant and when.
  • Inventory sheet
  • Care guide
  • Monthly chore sheet
  • A wish list (super important on those plant sale trips)
  • Harvest record
  • and more…
Garden Planner Printable

I’m so excited for this planner and can’t wait to put it to work for me this Spring!

Want your own planner?

If you are looking to get out in the sun this Spring.  Maybe you need help keeping track of your vegetable or flower garden.  Check out our Garden Planner Printable.  This printable planner can be used each year to keep track of the progress of your garden.


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